As a small nonprofit with a demanding workload and a lean operating budget, Make Studio benefits enormously from the support of volunteers in many different areas, such as:

We always try to match volunteers’ interests and talents with our organizational needs, believing that it’s only a good fit when both sides feel enriched by working together. This means that we cannot accommodate all volunteer inquiries at any given time, as our needs fluctuate and change during the course of any year.

Having all ourselves been interns at one point or another, Make Studio staff recognize the importance of meaningful and well-matched internship opportunities! We accept interns from various fields at both the undergrad and graduate levels.*
An internship, with academic/vocational implications and requirements, is a more involved form of collaboration than volunteers’ commitment to Make Studio. Please note that our capacity for internships is very limited due to the size of our organization, and that paid internships are currently unavailable.
Please consider interning with us if you are currently studying in a related field or plan to undertake such studies, are in search of an internship, and feel that our programming and mission align with your specific interests.

* Interns are not required to be registered to receive academic credit for their internship, but should be currently enrolled in college or completing their internship to acquire specific work experience post-graduation or in anticipation of applying to graduate school.

If you’d like to inquire about current volunteer and/or internship opportunities, please send an email to Cathy Goucher that briefly states your background, interests, general time availability, and preferred starting date.