Program overview

If you are an adult with a disability who is interested in making art and exploring your creativity, the make Studio program might be a good fit for you.

Why work as an artist with Make Studio?

• We are an arts center where you can be creative within a community of artists— learning and growing together— and have the opportunity to exhibit and sell your own artwork. In doing so, you can earn money and help to increase awareness of your art and the wider acceptance of artists with disabilities.

• We can a design a plan to meet your personal needs & goals, whether you are an experienced artist, a beginner who wants art instruction, or someone who wants to use art-making to help you learn new things and to be your best self.
How do things work at Make Studio?

• We can provide you with instruction in the media of your choice, and can also help you to explore new materials and techniques, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital art, and more.

• We provide a professionally-equipped art studio space in which to work, which is also designed to support opportunities for connecting socially with others.

• We work with you to set a regular schedule to make art in the studio, and to craft a person-centered plan that can include vocational training, entrepreneurial mentoring, and/or art therapy, as well as assistance with living skills, as needed.

• You are expected to attend the program regularly and to take your art seriously.

• You are encouraged to develop your own style and make your own choices.

How does someone get started?

In order to provide its program Make Studio must charge a fee-for-service. If you receive funding for services (such as through DDA) and/or work with a local disabilities organization, tell your case manager you are interested in visiting our studio with them to learn more. If not, you or a family member can contact us directly to discuss how to become a Make Studio artist. For more information, you can also visit the rest of our website or send us an email at info [at]